Choosing Discipline Over regret


Whether you’re talking about running a marathon, a 100-meter race, or simply the race of life, discipline is a must. With discipline you can take control of your life and start shaping things around you. Without discipline, the opposite is mostly true. The massive forces that govern our world often end up overwhelming us. In the end, we’re often left with regret. Either the window of opportunity closes, or we give up on our goals.

With discipline and focus, we can start to take back control. However, most of us don’t know how to do that. With coaching, discipline can come to you easier than without it. The world’s greatest achievers had mentors in their lives that taught them how to break barriers and cross limits. Coaches can do the same for you and teach you how to add discipline in your life. Time Management If it’s one thing that comes of exercising discipline in one’s life, it’s time management. Coaches can help you stick to specific schedules that you can set for yourself. It’s all about figuring out your limits and then pushing them. Think of the best athletes in the world like Usain Bolt and Roger Federer. The only way that they burst past their own limits is through time management, sheer focus, and will. Coaches will help you stay on that path without deviating. Skill Acquisition Discipline isn’t just about improving your skills, but about acquiring new ones. Coaches can help you test the limits of your abilities. They can help you try new things that will add to your arsenal of knowledge and ability. Learning a new skill takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Coaches will only make the journey easier for you. Self-Improvement If you’ve ever seen the film Miracle Worker, you’ll know about Hellen Keller and Anne Sullivan. Hellen Keller was blind, deaf, and dumb. She was nearly beyond help, yet her teacher and lifelong companion Anne Sullivan helped her break barriers. Hellen Keller became an accomplished author while living in a world that was silent, and black. Think of that. If she could do that with an accomplished teacher by her side, think of what you could do with a little discipline. Leaving Regret Behind with Coaching The essence of replacing regret with discipline is to stop losing out on opportunities. Both time and energy are finite resources. They will keep diminishing throughout one’s entire life. Hence, taking control of each and using them to their fullest is what is accomplished through discipline. As an example, take Lennart Bergelin, the coach of former World No.1 tennis player Bjorn Borg. Borg’s personal issues and anxiety would’ve never let him become the world’s best, yet Lennart never gave up on him. Hence, he never grew to regret not fulfilling his destiny. It was only through strict discipline that he was able to do this. That’s what coaching does, it replaces regret with discipline.